Fairton School Uniform

The Fairton School uniform is available for purchase from The Warehouse in Ashburton.  If you are unsure of what to purchase, the shop has a Fairton School uniform list.  Please make sure you purchase these items and not others. We have a small amount of second hand items available to purchase from school.  The school uniform is compulsory for all students.  Sunhats are to be worn during Terms One and Four and beanies may be worn in the winter months (both also available at The Warehouse).


Royal Blue Polar fleece

Royal Blue vest

Royal Blue Long or short sleeve Polo top

Polyprops (or similar) may be worn under polo tops.  These are to be a plain blue.

Navy trackpants (sports type)

Black or brown leather school shoes or sneakers.

Black, white or navy socks.



Royal Blue Polar Fleece

Royal Blue vest

Royal Blue Short Sleeve Polo top

Navy shorts (girls and boys)

Fairton School Skorts (girls)

Black or brown leather shoe shoes, sneakers or sandals. 

Black, white or navy shoes.

Hi Vis vests are available from the office.  We encourage all walkers, bikers and bus students to wear these.


NB:  Children should not wear jandals, crocs or knee high (or similar) boots to school.  Footwear should be suitable for doing fitness and sport in.

Trackpants and shorts are not to have stripes, logos or other markings on them.