About Us

Fairton School are lucky to be part of an active and supportive community. The Friends of Fairton (Parent's Association) are an integral part of our school and provide many opportunities for parents and school supporters to be involved in the life of our school.

The Staff and Board

The Staff and School Board of Trustees aim to achieve high levels of commitment and support for Fairton School with the aim of benefiting both the children's social and academic achievements. The Board of Trustees prides itself with having made available to the school, quality resources, equipment and facilities.

Board meetings are held twice a term, usually on the Tuesday of Weeks 4 and 9, in the School Library at 6:30pm. Parents, caregivers and community members are welcome.

Board of Trustees Members:

Shane Cochrane (Chairperson), Rebekah Clement (Principal), Kim Wall (Parent Rep), Sara Stephens (Parent Rep), Jayne Openshaw (Parent Rep), Rachel Wilson (Parent Rep), Dean Thomson (Parent Rep) and Andrea Small (Staff Rep).


Staff Members 2019

Mike Hill - Principal, Term One

Andrea Small - Room One Teacher

Louise Smith - Room Two Teacher

Jo Rattray - Teacher Aide

Livia McGregor - Office Administrator