4 Year Old Programme

Our 4 Year Old Programme happens on Wednesdays.  The aims of the programme are for the children to:

  • become familiar with the school surroundings
  • get to know the teachers, other staff and students
  • learn a little about the school routines
  • meet each other before school visits and school entry

The children are welcome to arrive at 11.45am when they will visit the library with a staff member to interact with others and to issue books.

They will also be given a Preschool Pack.  This pack has activities the children can do at home before the next visit.  The teacher will show you what you will need to do and what you will need to have at home to help eg scissors and glue.

Amongst other things, the packs include activities which:

  • Give them practice at cutting and gluing
  • Help them learn shapes, letters, colours etc
  • Give them practice at writing letters

After this, the children can eat their lunch with the students and play until 12.30pm.

Parents are required to stay with your child at school during  the programme.  You are welcome to bring any younger children you have with you.